The Lovers Card Tarot Card Meanings

🔮The Lovers Card. Working together in partnership through all aspects of time.

The relationship that you are in, in all aspects of your life is a reflection of your conscious choices.

The Starchild Tarot Deck by Danielle Noel💗

All relationships come into your life to serve your highest good regardless of what happens within them. The person that is in your life is a mirror either showing you the qualities that you need to change or what you need to heal from the past.

The obstacles or love that you are feeling are all qualities of yourself. Where in your relationship are you having a difficult time?

What inside yourself are you having a hard time with?

What you see in love OR anger when communicating (or not) within your relationships is what you have suppressed or avoided along the way. In reality, the people that are in your life are your greatest soul cheerleaders.

The hardest relationships are usually the best for your spiritual growth for they are igniting a fire within you that makes you so angry or so depressed that it FORCES you to change what needs to be changed within YOU! Love will then emergy once the reality is faced.

You came to earth to learn concrete struggles, to dive deep into yourself.

Soul growth.

The only reason we have relationships is so that what we need to learn can be brought to the surface. Avoiding learning your lessons will only push it down even further making it harder to learn the lesson, creating a volcano of eruption later on in your life.

Look at the relationship that you in right now, in ALL aspects of your life: Work, Home, Social, Your children, Pets. What is the lesson there? What keeps coming up time and time again? What you are seeing is a reflection of yourself or parts of you that need to heal in order to move forward.

Resist the fear to change.

Be the best you.

Love is the answer to everything and you will find that in ALL relationships.

A choice between two cosmic souls based on a deep connection on Earth as well as in past, and galactic lives. Arranged before coming to Earth, two souls have a choice to merge with their soul contract or chose a different path. Whatever choice is made will affect every path here on in. What do you need to heal within yourself before diving into a relationship? A true and aligned relationship will always stand the test of time with mutual respect and honouring the soul of the other individual.

you are facing a choice of high moral ground. What you put your energy into will manifest into your reality. What you see in another is the connection you feel within yourself. You are being asked to create a union with another, a lesson will be learned and this connection will bring you into the next phase of your life.

Reversed: Growth comes in learning to adapt and merge with another soul. Are your choices aligned with your higher purpose? Are you growing together as one, or are you constantly self-sabotaging? It is time to re-evaluate what it is you want in life. Whatever you are telling yourself will be the truth of it. Stand back and look at the bigger picture. Live in truth and love yourself enough to honor your light. Drawback from what no longer serves you.

The Lovers Card Represents Number Six in the Tarot Deck. For more information on Numerology Number Six please Click Here