The Power of I AM

The words that you speak are full of energy, an energy that will always come back to you.

Start today by sending out invitations and affirmations of success and abundance by using the power of “I AM”. 💗🙏💗


I have created a list for you of the use of I AM. These are the same “I AM’s” that I consistently use in my daily walking meditation routine.

Feel free to print this off and take with you on your walk or sitting where you are and reading them out loud. Whatever your preference is, it is the right way to do it for you.

I AM affirmations

I am loved, I am loving, and I deserve love

I am patient, I am kind

I am protected

I am joyful, I am happiness

I am confident

I am a highly successful writer

I am a highly successful artist

I am talented

I am creative

I am healthy and I am free of sickness

I am focused and I am driven

I am successful

I am prosperous

I am a person of divine purpose

I am debt-free

I am financially free

I am a gentle and loving mother (father)

I am forgiven

What are some I AM Affirmations that you can add to this list?


  1. Only those beings which exist in the highest order of light my stand in my presence. And so it is.
  2. I am asking for a day of Heaven on earth for myself and everyone that I come into contact with. And so it is.
  3. Dear God/Universe/Source (insert which one feels best for you), show me how much I am loved, help me to find and complete my mission. And so it is.”
  4. I ask that my awareness be in my 5th-dimensional self. And so it is”. (The fifth dimension is where your heart lives.) And so it is.
  5. Dear God/Universe/Source please bless me while I go about my day today. And so it is.
  6. Dear God/Universe/Source, may I gently and gracefully shift and change with the energies made available for me this day. And so it is”.
  7. I choose to unhook from any trauma or drama patterns that I may have enjoyed, that I may have encountered, that I may have explored. And instead, I chose to be part of the New Earth and the new experiences of creativity, and mastery and unconditional love and humanity. And so it is.
  8. All of life comes to me with Ease, and Joy and Glory. And so it is.”

Before going to bed or as I’m laying in bed I will say:

  1. Dear God/Universe/Source, Angels and guides, I request to attend the most evolved place that I may move to with my consciousness, for the purpose of clarity about my mission, my purpose, and service. Let me learn and understand better what I need to learn, know, and be to achieve my fullest potential. Assist me in any upgrades that may be possible. Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You. And so it is.” (You may also wish to say this during the day as well.)
  2. Dear God/Universe/Source please bless me while I’ll sleep. And so it is.
  3. I call in my medical team to open up my hands, throat, third eye, ears and to integrate my 3D present incarnation in dream state in 3D format, to integrate my past lives in 3D dream state format, to reveal, connect and integrate with my higher selves and in particular my Master Healer, My Ambassador/Negotiator and my Warrior. And so it is.
  4. Higher self please help me to figure out who is my Master Healer? Who is my Ambassador/Negotiator and who is my Warrior?
  5. While in dream state please remind me why I am here in my 3D present incarnation, what is my purpose and where did I come from. Why am I here on Earth? What am I here to heal? While I am in dream state please help me to work on Ascension.

When you get home from a Party, gathering, the mall, an event….anything that involves being away from your house and being surrounded by people say this when you get home (and if you can, sage yourself as well)

  1. I release all attachments on all dimensions across all of time and space that is preventing me from reaching my highest potential reality for the I am that I am that I am that I am. And so it is.

And So It Is

You are going to say the affirmations four times in a row and then you are going to say “and so it is”.

Why do you say “and so it is“?

Because you are going to affirm that what you are saying is happening. You are being clear with what you want to manifest in your life.

In Love and Light 💗🙏💗

Credit to:

  1. Rion and Alexander from Team Light. They have helped me so much on this journey towards the use of affirmations and “I AM” A few of the affirmations above have been created by them.
  2. Maureen J. St. Germain: A Practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation. BUY THIS BOOK! Above you will find a few of her affirmations that are within this very book. Thank you, Maureen. 🙏