The Soul

Before you spread your wings and travel to Earth an agreement is made in the celestial home of your soul.
The life that you are about to embark on will be one of trial and error. Of learning and stumbling, but one of love, laughter, and meaning.
The soul makes the ultimate sacrifice to detach from the energy of their soul galactic family and to relearn how to connect again once in the physical body.
The soul creates hardships in order to reconnect, for without the hardships there would be no ascension.
Throughout your life when a new journey begins, or when a new cycle begins the soul contract will make its presence once again. You will be made consciously aware of this whether or not you choose to reflect; it will still be there.
You may ask to see the pages of your contract or you may ask for the feelings to be presented to you. Either way, what you are about to experience has been planned out by you in advance and holds the energy and power for your highest self to become the best version you can attain.
You are here to ascend; you are here to make waves.
Traveling from your galactic realm to the university of Earth.
As you ascend you will see the earth in its different dimensions and the earth that you know will begin to look different as you will be looking at it with different eyes and a more open heart.
In love and light ?

Image from The Ascension Tarot Deck