☀️ The Sun Tarot Card Meanings ☀️

☀️The Sun. Warmth, happiness, joy. How different our mindsets are when the sun comes out apposed to dark clouds, wind and rain For me personally, the Sun inspires me as it is a direct reflection of what I know I need in order to grow. It energizes me and evokes the creative spirit within.

Just like the sun, you are surrounded by so much light, warmth, and beautiful fuzzy feelings! You radiate light beams that also help others to light up as well. You are a radiant magnet! You are an energy ball growing and expanding towards success! Show the world just how bright you are.

I Am Grateful for the beautiful Sunshine today ☀️

In love and Light

Tarot Deck Credit: 5D Ascension Tarot Deck coming 2020 🙏