The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings

🔮The Wheel of Fortune

Sometimes in life, we are given a choice, a path to take. And sometimes Life gives us a path that is out of our realm of choice.

Karma is one of those paths.

In order to learn the lessons that you need to learn in this life, you must travel down some harder roads. Source will pick you up and place you on a completely different path if you are refusing to learn things the easy way; through conscious hard choices.

The Wheel of Fortune puts you on the path that you Need rather than the path that you Want. You may not like where the wheel places you but later down the road when you look back you will realize that the hardships that you were given were the best gifts that Source gave to you.

Love is the answer to everything, the Wheel places you on the best path that will help you learn the truth of Love.

Which way is the right way? Feel from within, which direction is best for you. Keep in mind that every choice has a consequence, negative and positive. Plan your journey accordingly. Look to

the past to find your way forward. Knowledge is essential for moving in the direction linked to your highest good. All paths lead to the same outcome, but it is up to you whether your journey is short or long. Changes

are happening now whether you like it or not. All are linked to your ascension process. Let go.

This is a time of change. It is unstoppable. Your view can be either that it is good, or bad. Regardless it is happening and you must shift your mind to find the positive in it to get through. This can be a difficult time. This

is also the card that represents karma and moving through that. Look for the lessons rather than the negative aspect of it. Each lesson brings you closer and closer to your highest self.

Find a way to accept what is happening so that you can move forward with ease and grace. The Universe will never give you anything that you are not yet ready for.

Lady Luck. The Dice. The Maze. Karma.

What you put out into the universe comes back to you. Be mindful of your night side and your light side. Be aware of the thoughts and actions you place into your own reality. What you say, what you do is creating your own life.

Do you want more positivity?

Create positivity, be positive, be helpful, love unconditionally.

Want more negativity? Continue to judge, continue to say hateful things to and about yourself and others. The choice is yours.

We are all one. Everything and everyone is affected by everything around you.

Be mindful.

You are experiencing a cycle of change within your life, this is a major life lesson for you right now.

Take notice

All around you are feeling the cycle of change. Some things will be unexpected, some will come at full force without a hint. You may find your clarity fuzzy and will not know what to do next.

Karma is involved in what is happening.

Find a way to gain a greater perspective as well as think before you do. Everything that is happening is for your highest good. Nothing will ever happen to you or for you that you cannot handle.

Major life lessons are being learned, find ways to accept this, and move forward.

Reversed- Life is not happening to you, it is happening for you. See the positive in everything that is happening right now. Beware of negative thinking and emotions attached to future hopes and dreams. Think

through all choices. Send love and forgiveness into your past. Beware of making the same choices over and over again.

In Love and Light 💗🙏💗

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