The Year of The Lovers

The Year of The Lovers. The Year of choices. The year of awakening to the mirror that is reflecting back to you what needs to change to alter your path towards a higher version of self. This is the year that you celebrate yourself, creating and manifesting love for yourself that can then be given to others. This is a year about self-sacrifice versus what you actually desire to do. This year will be about you becoming clearer about YOUR values and creating an even stronger belief system.

You may already be feeling this energy swelling within and around you. That feeling of living the life that is socially acceptable versus the life that you dream or crave. Within you lies hidden desires, ones that you may not have shared with anyone  (and maybe you have not even been able to admit them to yourself).

Last year was The Year of The Hierophant, where 2021 was all about going within and learning about who you are and what you truly wanted. This year will be about taking what you learned from last year and aligning that even deeper into what you actually want to do about it. Choices are the major keyword for 2022.

Do you want to continue down your path making choices based on what others’ expectations are of you? Or would you like to make choices based on what you freely and independently want to make because they are based on what YOU want?

The choices that you make this year will not be easy, but they will be what is best for you.

This is the year where the individual emerges, with their own ideas, wants, and needs, being able to make your own decisions based solely on your own desires.

When you make a decision to expand and create, you will be presented with options for many different relationships. Relationships are the catalyst to opening up the heart and the path towards love. Through love, you can achieve a greater sense of Unity. Deeper knowledge is then formed, greater awareness and thoughts are achieved. Be open to creating new relationships this year in whatever form that may take.

What do you stand for? What is your true deepest philosophy on life? Your life in particular. What is and what is not important to you? What will stay and what are you ready to let go of? It is time to step into your true authentic self.

This year a major decision will need to be made by you, maybe even more than one. Whatever the decision is, it will be difficult and may even appear negative at first. Only later will you see this choice as a blessing. Will you take the path that appears the easiest but creates more of what you don’t actually want in your life? Or will you choose the harder path? The path that is the hardest is usually the one that is most beneficial to your growth and well-being, for it is the one that activates more of who you are in the end. Be open to the struggle.

Take your time in making your choices this year, reflect and think about the consequences of all choices before moving forward. Your value system IS going to be challenged and when making your choices you MUST make a definite choice based on YOUR belief system. Be honest with yourself. Do not follow what others want for you, nor follow the herd. This is about YOU. What do YOU want? Do not allow others to take your choices away.

And always keep in mind; every choice that you make creates energy movement into that next “thing”. There are consequences for all choices so be mindful and conscious about the choices that you are making because you cannot go back.

Numerology Number Six

In Numerology, the year 2022 signifies the number 6

🔮 Numerology Energy of the Six. Harmony, relationships, love, responsibilities, and family.

Numerology Number Six

The 6 marks a number of great responsibilities so balance is necessary for creating emotional equilibrium. When you take on too much you neglect the needs of yourself which then trickles down to everyone and everything else.

Be open to digging deep into yourself so that you are able to heal your past, past lives, past situations that still lie open in your heart today. When you heal yourself you heal all past moments that reflect that issue today.

When you are in harmony you are then able to help others, serve others, love others and be the peace that others need to move forward. Be that light that guides.

When you show love and compassion, the number 6 helps to expand that love and compassion into immense gratitude.

Focus on bringing more wealth and financial security into your life that you can help others, not just yourself. Money is energy freedom and it is meant to help others not just yourself. Giving to others with a giving heart guarantees that you will always have more than enough.

Look around you, where do you want to create more beauty? When you are able to sit in beauty, your heart becomes full and life takes on a different view. Take care of all your senses by creating beauty in all areas of your life.

To create harmony in your life, your health and well-being must be taken into check. What can you get rid of, what better habits can you form to create a better balance, who in your life no longer serves your highest good? All add to your health and well-being. Nurture and love yourself.

The answer to everything really is Love. This is served and learned very well through a focus on family, the home, and your relationships. This is where it all begins and ends.

Guard against taking on too many responsibilities and neglecting yourself. Emotional balance is key.

Enjoy the energy of Harmony, love, and family.

What to Expect Emotionally and in your relationships in 2022:

You may find yourself looking to the past for answers. Looking to your happy memories of your childhood, teenage years, or even earlier adult years to add happiness to your life now. Reminiscing is fine to do as long as you are not living in the past to avoid your life as it is right now. It is important to live in the Present and accept your current circumstances.

Looking to the past is great in showing you how far you have come as well as the trial and tribulations that you endured to get you to where you are now. Whatever you are enduring right now YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH to get through it. Take those happy childhood memories and use that energy to fill you up and keep you strong to face your life as it is right now.

This year may bring on feelings of depression or sadness. You may lack energy and motivation. This will stem from living in the past and “missing what was” rather than what is today.

You may find yourself being drawn to creative aspects of yourself through inner child work.

What part of your childhood did you love? What was fun and created excitement within yourself that allowed you to create dreams without limitations? Whatever that is, DO THAT THING! Explore your inner child; explore what you used to love as a child but in the adult form! You may be very surprised at what comes about if you just ALLOW that child to emerge and play. Have fun with it.

This year you may have or want to create a more energetic connection to your children or want to create a better relationship between the two of you. Laughing and learning together may be just what will help to create more happiness in your life.

Children are wonderful role models. They see the world differently. Their hearts are open, their minds have no limitations. How can you begin to live your life through the eyes of a child?

You may be reunited with a past love or someone from your childhood only this time the relationship will appear different.

If you are in a relationship already you may find yourself looking beyond your own reef and greener pastures. Be mindful if an ex comes back into the picture while you are in a relationship. This will take away from your present reality with your spouse/partner which can create even more of what you do not want.

What to expect with your thoughts this year:

This year will have your mind thinking in a different way than you did last year. Starting new, leaving things behind that no longer serve you, nor what no longer resonates with you. You may have many thoughts about leaving and walking away from it all and many of you will. You know that the life that you have been living is actually not at all what you really want and you are ready to start new. This can be by leaving a relationship that is not healthy for you, ending a friendship that doesn’t align, leaving a place that no longer suits your way of life. It could be a moving from the city to the country to live a more free life, it could be leaving your negative thoughts in the past and making a pledge to create a more positive life through positive thoughts alone.

Again these are hard decisions but ones that must be made so that they do not continue to weigh you down. It is time to unload. When things in your life have gone on for so long it becomes “ a part” of you. You become numb to its existence. This year it will be easier to let that go. This choice will be easier to make. You are more ready than you think.

In order to move forward, you will be leaving something behind and though this may come with thoughts of regret it will be the best choice for you.

This is a year where you will be forced to let go of something that you are attached to. Letting this go will allow you to have more clarity and acceptance.

Do not be afraid to let go of what is holding you back. Fear is an illusion.

Letting go of this fear will allow you to create something more aligned with who you truly are.

This year will be a hard transition but one that your soul is ready to live. Do not dwell on the past, do not stay in the past. Live in the present.

What to expect with regards to action and ideas this year:

Victory is at the forefront.

The overall feeling around this is that the universe has your back. Someone is looking down on you and is helping you along the way. That little push you have been feeling? Your highest self is here to help guide you into making the best decisions for yourself.

This is the year to bring your talents to the forefront. Minimize distractions, and focus on your goals this year. If you stick to your values and intentions, you WILL succeed. Do not let fear or doubt get in the way. Do not let the thoughts or opinions of or from others sway how you want to live your life. Be the creator of your own path.

Not only will you succeed in your goals this year but you may also be socially recognized.

This year you will find yourself exuberating more confidence (due to having clearer values and boundaries) This is your year to shine.

What you will experience this year in terms of finance, career, and material possessions:

You may already be feeling the energy of the PURGE.

Do you feel like going through your entire house and doing an overhaul? That is the energy of this year.

Objects in your house are just stale energy if they are never being used. It’s time to let that go. Give the items away, have a yard sale, donate them to a local charity or those in need. Letting go of that energy allows for clearer energy to enter your life.

You may find yourself helping out others financially this year. Last year you may have found yourself in a financial struggle where others were in the position to help you. You now want to give back by helping someone out too.

Giving back does not always have to be financially…. it can also mean lending a helping hand. Helping others in the way that you would like to be helped.

Financially you may struggle this year and so you will find that others will come to your “rescue”. This is the year of the Lovers, so Unity, love, and compassion will be at the forefront. People will be there to help you. Do not stress if you find yourself struggling, communicate your needs and allow others to help you.

Loans are going to be a big “thing” this year. Just be mindful about the cost to pay that back. Every choice has a consequence. Be mindful about the amount that you borrow as well as the interest rate to pay it back.

Do you have your own business? Build your Brand, build your personal reputation. Build a business that others will be drawn to. Promote yourself by sharing your story with others. Your story has the ability to help others.

Be mindful of self-importance and “big head syndrome”. Be humble and kind. You are not better than the next person.

If you are in a career, you may find yourself accepting awards or recognition.

You will be mindful of your job this year. Is this the job that you want to continue doing? Does this job fulfill you? Does this job recognize you as a person…or are you just a number? Allow your soul to guide you through this. Make changes accordingly.

What to expect this year with regards to health and wellbeing.

Your health and wellbeing is YOUR CHOICE. You are a sovereign being and have control over your own body. Choices around your own body are highlighted this year. Do what you want to do and do not make choices about your own health due to someone else’s expectations of what they want you to do. Your body, your choice.

You may find that you will be paying a lot of money this year to keep your health on track. This could be through vitamins or a gym membership to help reduce the stress in your life.

Be mindful of stress and conflict this ear that affects your well-being. Reduce the amount of stress in your life but focusing on yourself. Create peace and harmony in your life

Surrounding yourself with people that create positive energy is a must this year. Negative energy will only bring you further into a negative state.

Energetic healing will be highlighted this year. “Out with the old and in with the new”.

If you are experiencing health issues this year it will be important to get to the roots of why this has come about. Speaking to family members about their own health will be helpful in understanding your own health.

Mild states of Depression will be at the forefront this year for many. This is only temporary and circumstantial.

Turning off your T.V and radio this year will be very good for your health.

The Year of the Lovers Advice for 2022

Be mindful of the decisions that you make this year. Every choice has a consequence.

Be confident in the choices that you make.

Make your choices and decisions based on what YOU want rather than what others expect of you.

Step into your true and authentic self based on your own ethics and values.

Be honest with yourself.

Let go of the things that are holding you back and then don’t look back.

Explore your inner child.

Help others the way that you would like to be helped. Help give back to those in need.

Victory and success will be yours if you stick to your goals and plans.

Turn off your T.V and Radio Programming.

Surround yourself with those that help create more positivity within your reality.

Live from your heart space. Help create Unity and practice compassion and unconditional love.

Enjoy this Year of the Lovers where you are about to step into a deeper understanding of Self. It’s going to be another great year!

Last Word of Contemplation

The Lovers from Odin's PlaybookThe last time that we saw the year of the Lovers was in 2013.

I want you to think back to the year 2013, what was going on in your life?

What was unfolding then?

This year will be similar energy to this year.

Make sure that you are not making the same mistakes twice.

Learn from the past.

Follow-through will all ambitions and see it through to the end.

I wish you much love in the year 2022

Dani’el xox

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