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Unity Field Healing

Unity Field Healing is an evolutionary form of Energy Medicine founded by Dr. John Ryan. 

UFH takes the field of Energy Medicine to a whole new level of understanding and potential! Traditional energy-based therapies work to transfer energy or clear energy blockages.  UFH, however, works through the quantum field of energy of your personal DNA and uses a quantum field light template known as the UFH Template,  to recalibrate an alignment with your deeper healing potential. As mystical as it sounds, you can learn all about it here – and experience it for yourself!

DISCOVER what UFH can offer you!

Unity Feild Healing

Unity Field Healing is performed through a series of 3 individual sessions.

 These personal energy sessions are performed by a certified UFH practitioner, such as myself.

The sessions work to enhance the quantum energy of your DNA using a light template known as the UFH template – to catalyze your personal healing and transformation.

Experience the power of this remarkable work!

For more information please visit: https://www.unityfieldhealing.com

I cannot recommend the Unity Field Healing Sessions with Dani’el Norman highly enough. I am a type A, overachiever, Entrepreneur with ADHD. This means I can succeed no matter what, but relaxing and letting go of the “uncontrollables” is extremely difficult for me. I consider myself a Christian and yet also Spiritual. After the first session I was light, relieved, happy, and at peace. After my second session? Wow! I was transformed, aligned, I felt I had like an invisible barrier around me, protecting my energy, and saving it only for that which deserved my time. Both sessions were outstanding and brought me so much peace and wisdom, and the write up she provides after each session is absolutely priceless. I know once I need a 3rd session, I’m going to be blessed beyond measure by it as well. The clarity, peace, and protection I feel from these Unity Healing Sessions? I would pay for 10 x over again and again.

Whitney Carrion

Author and Public Speaker, Fort Polk, USA

I have literally been telling anyone and everyone I know about the changes Dani’el and the Unity Field Healing she provides has made in my life, but I thought I should also leave a review so anyone I don’t know that may be considering this can see it as well! Probably like many of you reading this, I really had no idea what exactly Unity Field Healing was or what it could do for me. I was telling a friend how disconnected I was feeling, I couldn’t feel joy anymore, and many other not so great feeling that I don’t share with just anyone, I basically was not my happy self and many parts of my life started to reflect this ongoing battle inside me, my friend recommended Dani’el. I trust my friend to not lead me astray so I contacted Dani’el, she explained how it works and that it will be 3 sessions, and decided to give this a try. It was easy enough to do, I followed her instructions and I basically took a nap to some really relaxing music and Dani’el did the rest remotely. My first session was utterly amazing. Not that I physically felt different, but I did feel better emotionally. When connecting with Dani’el after the session and in conversation when she revealed what she encountered and the messages she received during my session, as quick as she was telling me, I had a “light bulb moment” and I knew I had to start my own business! Dani’el said that she saw me making lotions, I told her that I already DO make lotion, I had actually been doing this for like a decade, I make it for myself and others sometimes. She said NO, I see you making A LOT of lotion! And BOOM…I thought OMG why have I never thought to turn this into a business! It may seem like a simple revelation, but I can promise you without that clearing, I could never ever have felt so sure and confident in my decision. I noticed how this seemed so natural to me, I just “know” things, like what oils and butters I should use for certain things. Dani’el would tell me it’s in my DNA, my past DNA, I have done this before! Things just flowed, I knew this was my path, and when I started to introduce my products people just LOVE them! My second session was a little different. There were no revelations, but like all types of healing, we have to go through all the stages of healing, and it’s not all wonderful all the time. But within about a month I was feeling happier and I could feel joy again…real joy. I notice I am super focused and my energy is naturally drawing positive people and positive things into my life, at the same time it is helping me to see what isn’t serving me and I find it very easy to keep those undesirable people and situations out of my life. I will be doing my 3rd session soon so I will keep you posted

Deb DeTurck

Green Witch Alchemist , Green Witch Gifts, Chatham, Ontario, Canada

Session One

Session 1 is titled “Self Attunement“.  Session 1 works to bridge and strengthen the alignment with your own quantum DNA axis and spirtual DNA blueprint.

More about Session 1

The first Session is to reinforce the connection with your own spiritual DNA. In this session, you will be attuned to energetically connect with your quantum DNA’s ‘presence’ to heal and empower energetic transformation. This Session is intended to consciously develop and further strengthen a vital connection with your spiritual DNA blueprint. By bridging this connection, you open up to an incredible healing potential and increased Light and awareness or “higher consciousness”.

As we each make this restorative alignment, it will result in the release of restrictive energy patterns that may be getting in the way of healthy and balanced life expression. These energy patterns are sometimes conscious to us – as we recognize our habits and tendencies and how they can affect our lives, health, and well-being. 

Other times – they are unconscious – or unclear to our conscious awareness. We tend to term this “karmic” or mysteriously coded into our energy and affecting us in ways we do not consciously understand. 

Through this attunement, you can release patterns that are not useful to your spiritual growth at this time. 

The process will open you up to a more significant personal experience of peace, presence, and self-love – and a deeper conscious appreciation of your spiritual nature, power, and presence. Session one opens you to profound healing on a physical, emotional, or mental level as your Higher Self’s Light is woven, bringing more Light into your being.

This Session is a prerequisite before working with the template in Session # 2.

Session Two

Session 2 is titled “Unity Field Healing – Template Attunement”.  Session 2 provides a personal attunement to the UFH Template.  This provides the foundation needed to begin working more personally in Session 3.

More about Session 2

The second Session is an attunement to begin working with the Unity Field Healing Template. The template is a quantum or interdimensional light pattern that provides an energetic “resonance” to do with the re-calibration of the quantum DNA field. This Session will catalyze, support, and accelerate your healing and spiritual transformation. 

Releasing restrictive patterning and liberating energy in the DNA creates a more direct communication channel between the spiritual element of who we are and our human expression. Session Two effectively opens the energy fields for a “higher vibrational state” of being. 

This re-calibration may provide profound healing through internal changes in the energy bodies that comprise our human state – the mental, emotional or etheric bodies – and the physical body. 

These effects are highly personal; they depend on the preexisting state of the physical body and energetic bodies (including the etheric body, the emotional body, and the mental body) and the psychological life to which they correlate.

As one progresses in this healing, a more profound sense of inner peace and well-being emerges. Often a renewed sense of purpose and potential awakens. Creativity blossoms, and inspiration flows.

I highly recommend that you wait at least 21 days between each session to allow for the integration of this new sense of self. You “can” do it one week apart but from what I have experienced with my clients, 21 days is better. 

Session three

Session 3 is titled “Unity Field Healing – Targeted Intentional Support”.  Session 3 provides an energy session that is aligned with a specific “personal intention”.  It is purposed to use the gift of Unity Field Healing to address specific issues that exist or arise in one’s life that need “healing” attention.

More about Session 3

We are all unique; we come from different histories and face unique challenges or issues in our lives. Therefore our spiritual journeys and healing process are specific to us. As we open to personal transformation – we tend to surface any issues that we are holding within our energetic system. As we become more conscious of limiting or unhealthy patterns, these can be addressed in Session three.  

This Session provides a targeted support session with a specific intention – to bring healing and greater awareness to any such identified personal experience, pattern, or event. When working on a particular intention, this Session may be done once or as many times as you wish. Each intention builds upon every intention that you set.  

The Third session may be done over and over again.   It is the way the energy system is used to address highly specific and personal issues that are unique to each person and may be re-used any number of times for deep support around the intention or to introduce a new intention as the foundation of the session!

The sessions I have had in the past have allowed me to be more connected and let go of ideas and thoughts that blocked my healing. I still have a long way to go…however I feel that I have the tools to actually do the work I need to do. Thank you. ❤

Jeannelle Romain

Westmeath, Ontario, Canada

Quantum healing has provided a quick and long term opening effect to my self-awareness, intuition, and personal guidance. Within opening my self-awareness and quantum healing as well gave me post reflection courage, to observe and move forward in a more optimal frequency. with each appointment I have done I was as well provided with a chakra balancing and a vessel clearing which in turn helps with anxiety and overall clearing on a large scale. I would recommend remote quantum healing for those looking to propel themself forward and for personal and spiritual maintenance.

Amy Wood

Psychic Medium and Tattoo Artist, Woody's Tattoo, Erieau, Ontario Canada

I’m struggling to find words to describe what Unity Field Healing has done for me. It has created peace within and given me relief from having to always know or understand the healing I need. It works with my innate self, my higher self, my subconscious, my energetic self, my physical self. It’s very multi-dimensionally. It’s a wonderful tool to use when I need a little extra help and guidance. I have had a few healings with Dani’el which makes it even better as she taps into my energy and provides me with messages in the form of words giving me clarity and resolution of what has occurred. It’s a gift to be able to take those high-frequency energies and translate them into something we can grasp and understand. I’m grateful for having the opportunity to access this remote form of healing as it has accelerated my growth and expansion.

Lee Storm

Blenheim, Ontario, Canada

I feel every single person could benefit from a session of Unity Field Healing with Dani’el. She’s absolutely incredible to work with! She has this beautiful gift and is truly the kindest soul I’ve ever met and just makes you feel so good and so much lighter after each session and really helps you get to where you want to be and can help you achieve whatever it is you’re looking to do (grow, heal, release, expand). It’s unbelievable how amazing you feel after just one session with her but the more you continue to work with her, the better you feel and more you can achieve your goal. It’s an indescribable feeling for me but I do highly recommend her and trying the 3 sessions of the Unity Field Healing. 💗
Jillian Bimm

Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

Like many, 2020 sent me on a path of spiritual growth, a desire to understand more about myself and our universe and how I fit into it.   I’ve known Dani’el for years, she has always been someone with great energy that people are naturally drawn to.  I saw an information post on remote Unity Field Healing that she shared on Facebook, and I knew this was something I needed.   All 3 sessions were so helpful.  I could feel the energy moving throughout each session.  I felt so much clarity following the sessions and Dani’el provided me with such helpful information gathered in the sessions.  I’ve done a repeat of session 3 and will continue to do more in the future.  Without a doubt, I would recommend Dani’el and UFH to anyone looking for energy healing.  

Nicole Walters

Real Estate Representative, Century 21 Aspire Realty, Petawawa, Ontario, Canada

I had a series of Unity Field Healing done in 2018 by Dani’el and can 100% say that my life is totally different now. A few weeks after my last session with her, I reconnected with someone from my past and we are now engaged! I honestly never thought I’d meet anyone special again at my age and it was amazing to me how we both found each other at the right time. I think the Unity Field Healing helped me open up to others and the universe to allow this all to happen. I also feel more content and happier. It was like something shifted in my world for the better. I highly recommend her services! She is a gem!

Stacie Vaughan

Food and Recipe Blogger at www.simplystacie.net, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

I highly recommend Dani’el. I had 4 remote Unity Field Healing sessions with her. I was able to gain a deeper understanding of myself. Through the sessions, I learned some key ways to assist me in my healing journey. Dani’el was able to tap into certain areas in my life that were holding me back. It was a great experience.

Susan Chandler

Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

I had my first session of Unity Field Healing with Dani’el on June 29th, 2020. I was familiar with these sorts of spiritual practices but had never had a session before. At the time I was going through many life experiences and was feeling confused and frustrated with my decisions. My experience of Unity Field Healing is hard to put into words because it has changed me in so many ways. Not only did it guide me in making the right decisions, but it brought me clarity in why I was making them. With Covid-19, it is hard for us to clear out unwanted energy. Luckily, this practice is remote/distance with no physical contact. We are unable to see the energies within us that have become altered. With Unity Field Healing, Dani’el saw all of my pent up energy and cleared the path for new, positive energy. Unity Field Healing has brought so much light to my life and I would 100% recommend it to everyone. Go book your session now! 🙂 

Leah Guerard

Studying Nursing at Algonquin College, Chapeau, Quebec, Canada

Two years ago, I had come to terms with the fact that my way of living was no longer serving me. I had completely uprooted my family and changed my life with hopes for less pain, and more joy. Chronic pain has had me for almost 30 years and I was feeling exhausted and defeated. I searched for someone out there who could guide me in a direction that I had not explored. Through a chain of ‘coincidences’, I connected with Dani’el, and what a blessing!

Unity Field Healing has changed everything for me. Everything! The whole concept and experience have blown my mind. Dani’el was so kind and patient. She explained each session very well; answered many of my questions; followed up with me, and provided genuine support. I still have a ways to go, as healing is a non-linear journey that takes time. However, with new tools in my pocket, I am confident that I will only become more open and at peace with whatever comes my way because I trust that I am where I’m supposed to be and I completely supported. Thank you to infinity, Dani’el!

Toni Pedersen

Chichester, Quebec, Canada

Need more Information about Unity Field Healing? Or you would like to book a session? Please send me an email.

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