Use your abilities

So you say that you are bored?

Have you thought of trying something new?

To get better at something you must practice and perfect that task, job or movement every day.

Your ability and confidence in that task, job or movement thus become second nature!

The more that you use your abilities the better you will become.

When you first learned to ride a bike did you give up on the first go? The second go? The third go? Or the tenth go? No, you fell but kept getting back up and trying again. Just like the beginning of your life, you learned to walk and talk and brush your teeth and get dressed and make your own cereal and take the bus by yourself and read and, and, and…

In doing all those things, in learning all those amazing things to move forward in our lives you became CONFIDENT in your abilities to live your life.

So why as an adult are you so scared to learn new things, to try new things, to add to your already existing list of abilities?

Why are you so set in your ways and so comfortable to accept that what you are doing today is “enough” for your tomorrow?

Try New things!

Stop telling yourself that you could not possibly learn to do that, or that you are too old to do that, or that you are too tired, or that you do not have time. That is nonsense and you are feeding yourself a very well planned lie.

You are all in charge of your own ability department and your soul is waiting for you to explore the unexplored territory. Your soul is bored right now with what you are doing and it is READY to learn so much more!!!

With time, training, and trial and error, your abilities WILL improve and flourish!!!

It does not matter if you do not know something, just go and learn it. It is that EASY!!

You can learn to do anything, and that right there is so awesome! So take advantage of that and never stop learning.

Much love,

The Universe