🔮 Weekly Tarot Card Reading For December 23-29, 2019 🔮

Reading of the Week for December 23-29, 2019 🔮

A very interesting reading centering in on the stress of the holidays and interactions with family members/friends/acquaintances.

As we quickly make our way into the holiday season the reading of the Week is all about family and letting go of what we think we know, even if it is just for this week.

You may not know the full agenda of others but that is ok. Wedged between the Emperor and The High Priestess, is the 7 of Swords. ⚔️ As you go to events, be aware that you can allow yourself to put down your own sword in order to get through. Use the structure of your own presence as a grounding point. You can watch, observe and be attentive all while using your own pawn of your mind to filter through any negativity that may come your way. Be confident and walk this week as a warrior. Do not allow anyone to see the pain that they cause you. 🗡

In doing so the family member or interaction that you will have this week will feel as though they have got away with something. In laying your sword down, allows others to feel as though they can too (or at least keep it by their side) Rest aside this week any disputes you have so that you are able to feel the full harmonious energy of this beautiful holiday season. Do not let the negative energy of others affect your flow.

The High priestess card shows a beautiful woman with her eyes closed, but as you look closer her eyes are also open. As source light flows through you this week, it is up to you to filter through any illusions that may present themselves to you. You must also shield and clear yourself before and after going anywhere this week for you will also be picking up on the stress and trauma of others. You can be the light source and beacon for others this week sending out vibrations of unconditional love and understanding. 🧿

In taking all of these actions you will be able to understand others and be more present through these holidays. In taking a different path in your heart than you would normally take, you are opening yourself up to healing and rising into the 5th dimension which is where unconditional love resides.

In order to move forward even further into your greatest self, Commander Ashtar ( a galactic being who promotes truth, peace, and harmony between all planets) reinforces this reading showing you that you must lead by example. You must step up and create the changes that you want to see. You are the one that is strong enough and confident enough to do so. You are the leader within your community and family/friend unit. Walk your talk 💗🙏💗

A wonderful stone to carry with you to any events or public places is the Fire Agate Stone. If others are thinking ill of you, the stone will send their thoughts back to them forcing THEM to think about their negative thoughts towards you. This stone creates a shield around your auric field, protecting you and keeping you grounded.

Tarot deck credit: the Light Seers Tarot by Chris -Anne 💛

Oracle Deck Credit: Keepers is the Light by Kyle Gray 💙