? Weekly Tarot Reading for December 30, 2019-January 5, 2020 ?

Reading of the Week for December 30, 2019, to January 5, 2020 ?

Tarot Deck Credit: the Pagan Otherworlds by Uusi ?Oracle Deck Credit: Viking Oracle by Stacey Demarco and Jimmy Manton ?

There is so much understanding in truth. When someone speaks to you in truth, you feel it. When there is a lie being told there is this sense of misunderstanding. A sense of confusion. Because you are awakening there will be an impatient desire for others to awaken around you. Holding your tongue and training yourself to talk in compassion is what is needed to keep you grounded. If others continue to stay unconscious knee-deep in their own darkness, be kind. Be gentle. Speak to them at their own level, not at yours. You cannot force others to understand. Their own experiences will awaken them.

For those who are struggling at this time, just know that celebration, peace, and harmony is near. This past year has been a struggle with want and a greater understanding of what is really happening. For some of you, you may think that life is just against you. For the awakened souls, you are aware that this is not the case and that your higher self is simply opening the doors to your greatest victories. In order to get to the good stuff, you must tread through the swamp and the harsh realities of your life. There is much growth in facing your trauma, letting go of the control and having faith in the future.

Switching your mindset from darkness to light can be difficult if you are comfortable living in the dark. Anything that you want to change within you can be done, but with work. If you are serious about your want for transformation then take baby steps. As you build confidence within each day, you will set yourself up for more success and grand celebration. Find the positive in everything that you feel is “happening to you”. Let go of your clenched fists and the notion that you are alone.

The Devil card is asking you to let go of that darkness. The unconscious programming that is no longer useful to you, the programming that keeps you in that negative thought cycle is ruled by your night side. The side that you feel keeps you safe. Or better yet “comfortable”. I want to say that it is easy to step outside a negative cycle, but I recognize first hand that it is not easy. It’s like climbing out of a dark black hole with no light in sight. So your goal with this one is finding out how to do that. What tools can you add to your toolbox to gain access to more light? Beware that as you seek to move into the light and out of the darkness, the darkness will try and pull you back in.

The Norns oracle card pulled, helps you to understand that you are not the story that you tell yourself and show to the world. Nor are you the story that others speak of you. By channeling your own desires you have the ability to change your own life utilizing the challenges and hardships you have experienced.

You are not the trauma that you experienced rather the strength that got you through it ???

In Love and Light ?

Tarot Deck Credit: The Pagan Otherworlds by Uusi ?

Oracle Deck Credit: Viking Oracle by Stacey Demarco and Jimmy Manton ?