🔮 Weekly Tarot Reading for January 20-26, 2019 🔮 

Pagan Otherworlds by Uusi 🔥Oracle Deck Credit: The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel 🔥

Reading of the Week for January 20-26 🔮

This week encourages you to take action and express yourself through creativity.

It’s time. Surrender yourself to what is being requested of you. The longer you prolong, the harder it will be to shake. Once you take that initial step nothing but greatness will follow. All skies are clear this week for making big decisions surrounding taking action on what your soul is pushing you to do. Enjoy the excitement of the creativity pulsing through you. In order to grow and manifest your desires, allow yourself to be the conduit for source to share with the universe who you are and what you are all about.

By taking action all relationships that surround you will grow. When you feel good about yourself and take pride in the steps and sacrifices that you are making, others will see the light that is emerging from you. Unions come in all shapes and forms. Maybe what you are creating will push you to form business partnerships, maybe that light will bring you and your partner back in alignment, friendships back into balance. You need to be mindful that when you are out of balance and not doing what you are meant to be doing, your aura shows this. When you activate your light within, you set off this beacon of energy that is positive and bright attracting rather than repelling who is meant for you. Keep this in mind when making decisions.

As you activate your creativity and actively work on your goals you become a physical leader for others to follow suit. You are giving others permission to follow their dreams too! You live in a society where others judge so harshly that it makes us fearful to start any project at all. Taking that fear of judgment and locking it up where you cannot feel or see it, allows for you to push forward into the unknown without any expectations and thus enjoying the path and ride ahead. What others think of you is none of your business. People that judge others lack compassion not only for others but more so for themselves. Push through the limitations that you have placed on yourself and do what you came here to do.

Then, Celebrate your success! Enjoy the fruits of what you came here to do. Use each step you take as a beacon for your own journey to document how far you have come. Show the world your new-found confidence. Show the naysayers that you will not be broken down any longer. Show your community that your heart is open to helping others heal and do the same.

Break the cycle that is your past. Your name no longer belongs there.

Live now.

Take action and bring your creativity, love, and compassion to those who are seeking after you 💕

Oracle deck Pull: The Seven Star Sisters card is calling you to surrender to the creations that are being asked to be birthed through you. The whispers that you are hearing, what are they? It’s time to birth them into the world. Creativity comes from your intuition. You are all creative at something. Surrender to the unknown. You are safe and supported. 💕

Tarot Deck Credit: Pagan Otherworlds by Uusi 🔥

Oracle Deck Credit: The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel 🔥