🔮 Weekly Tarot Reading for January 6-12, 2019 🔮

Reading of the Week for January 6-12, 2019 🔮

Tarot Deck Credit: Ascension Tarot coming 2020🔥Moon card is from The Pagan Otherworlds Tarot by UUSI 🔥

Illusion and Truth.

In the past while, maybe even months, you have been at an emotional standstill. When there are so many ideas and thoughts in front of you the fear of making concrete choices sets in. This week those choices will be made, for the illusion will be dropped and truth revealed allowing for clarity of mind to set in.

Continue to ask questions, continue to seek concrete information around that which is valuable and important to you.

Pass through the hard emotions with your head held high. This week, though emotional,( it is also the full moon on the 10th!) will uncover and expose the true identity of situations that no longer serve you and of people that do not serve your life.

What a wonderful feeling it will be to finally see the truth of all that you have been so fearful about. To have clarity surrounding all that you thought you had to be scared about. This new sense of all-knowing will push you forward into a greater sense of love for yourself.

What is it that you have been thinking about, (that you feel you already know the answer to) but because of that lack of clear vision and emotional attachment to the “final story” has stopped you from making decisions?

You know the answer to this question.

TRUST in your gut instinct. TRUST in what your guides are telling you. TRUST what your dreams are telling you. These are not illusions. These are the Keys 🔑 to unlock your future. These are the keys to moving ahead on your own fee will. Fear is an illusion.

Message from the Full Moon: This week in Full moon, be aware of your intensive emotional thoughts. It is in these intensified emotions that you are forced to be fully present and aware. Release negative energy and heal what is hindering you 🌕💎 , Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, on the 10th. In numerology, the 10 represents “1” and means New Beginnings 🙏

For those of you moving forward, seeking alignment towards love and higher vibrations of light, your prayers are being answered. Those of you that have put the hard work in will reap the rewards of a higher dimensional self attuned to the 5th dimension of unconditional love, light, and healing. Continue on your journey. 💗

In Love and Light

Tarot Deck Credit: Ascension Tarot coming 2020🔥

Moon card is from The Pagan Otherworlds Tarot by UUSI 🔥