What lights you up?

What gives you a better sense of strength within you? What are the things that you love to do that you can’t stop thinking about? What are the things that the universe nudges you to do ESPECIALLY when you are not doing them!

When you start to feel depressed what is your soul calling you to do to make you feel better? When you are feeling anxious what is your soul calling you to do? And I don’t mean to lay down and sleep, or drink your worries away, I’m talking deep, deep down. That motivational speech that you are being given the one that hounds within your ears and they just don’t stop talking! You try and push it away, pretend that you cannot hear them, make excuses… alllllll the excuses as to why you cannot do them.

You know the excuses I’m talking about.

Can’t get to the gym? No money? Too much for gas in the car? But it will take too long to get there and back…. Well my dear, start working out at home!

The nagging, the whispers, the nudging will not stop until you get your ass in gear and do what you are being guided to do. You see my beauty, your soul knows you so much more then you know yourself, for that ego gets in the way every time. The nudging, the whispers they will only get louder and louder and louder. That nudging will then turn into anxiety as you know that what you are being nudged to do is really what you know you are supposed to be doing!

The months will pass, the days will pass and maybe even the years will pass before you finally decide to listen. By then you are completely enveloped in excuses, waist deep in your own shit and excuses that you will feel like you cannot get out. But guess what? The difference between thinking you cannot get out and getting out are on the complete opposite spectrum. It’s a choice that we make every day.

It’s in the doing that will push you forward.

When you have finally had enough of what you are doing or lack thereof, when you have finally had enough of your own excuses, when you are finally sick of the anxiety and nagging and the whispers you WILL get up, I promise. I’m not sure how long it will take you but you will get there. I believe in you. Everyone is different and how we process things are different depending on what we are going through, what we went through recently, what we are carrying around with us since childhood. Unpacking that baggage takes time so putting one foot forward each day, even if you do not know where you are headed you are being of service to yourself and those around you.

One foot forward each day is what will get you to where you need to be. You don’t need to know where that is, but your soul knows where it is going and where it wants to go.

Your headspace is what is drowning your purpose. Think about the things that light you up. What makes you feel stronger? The gym? Dancing? Reading? Writing? Painting? Gardening? Do those things!!! The more you are lit up, then the more you will push yourself to be lit up even more. You will chase that feeling of loving yourself and feeling that peace within yourself every time that you do something that you truly love to do.

What lights you up? what makes you feel strong from the inside out?

Go do that.

much love Dani’el