Write Down 10 Things that you are grateful for

At first, I felt that this was difficult to do.
Sometimes you get into this mindset that places walls up all around you. You cannot see anything except for what you are feeling inside.
The longer that this goes on, the higher the walls become and the harder it is to take those walls down.
I have started writing in a gratitude book. Each day I write down at least 10 things that I am grateful for.
Sometimes these flow….and sometimes I get stuck in my own emotions and cannot get past 2 things.
But I continue anyway even if I have to put the book down and come back to it.
What have I seen since writing about gratitude rather than telling myself the same story?
I feel lighter. I feel freer. I feel less like a victim and more like I have greater space within me to help others.
We all have something we are continuously working on. No one is perfect.
What are some ways that help you to get out of your own mindset and the walls you have put up? I would love to hear them 🥰