You are a Soul Living a Human Experience

I often receive the same question with regards to listening to our Intuition. Most people I speak with during conversations will say that they cannot hear their intuition. I feel this is false for your intuition is always guiding you, always whispering to you. Instead what may be happening is your human self is getting in the way within your mind to receiving this divine guidance. You second guess your intuition as your rational mind, the human mind.

People ask me how can I distinguish the difference between the two.

Over many years of PRACTISE (this didn’t just come to me), I came to recognize that when I feel anxious within my stomach I know that for me this is my human self answering my question. When I feel complete peace in my stomach I know that this is my soul as well as source answering my question. I have learned to trust this feeling. Again this takes practice. For you, your way of “Knowing” may come to you in a different way. Practise will allow you to begin to understand yourself much better. So play around and ask your guides for assistance.

In order to understand this a little deeper let me explain the three areas of your being where you work from.

The Human Self– This is ultimately your mind and body. As Rion DeRouen from Team Light states, this is your “meat suit”. The vehicle in which you travel from birth to death. The vehicle that allows you to follow through with the mission that you came to Earth to explore and complete. I believe that before we incarnate on earth we choose the body, the family, the DNA, the location, the ancestor line that we will incarnate into that will allow us to live the best life for us in order to learn what we need to learn throughout our time on Earth. Our lessons on Earth are ours and ours alone, Earth is a testing ground to live our highest self and soul mission. In order to learn the things that your soul has set out to learn you need to embody this “meat suit”. The Ego is also seen as The Human Self. Ego is good when you are pushing forward but it is important to create balance and not to let the ego take over. You must learn to quiet the ego when it tries to take over during feelings of anxiety and stressful situations, the ego will play tricks on you. The Human Self is the self that you have learned to be in this lifetime. In the end, the Human self dies but The Soul carries on.

The Soul– This is essentially you and is consistently in constant flow throughout time and space. You carry your Soul from lifetime to lifetime, planet to planet, from past to future and from future to past, simultaneously. This is the part of you that is ancient with many many past lives each life building on the next. Within your soul holds your unique gifts throughout time, it is where mastery exists. Because your soul has lived many lives it is able to utilize the knowledge that it has learned throughout the ages adding onto that prior knowledge thus being able to perfect what you know, soul growth is then mastered. For an example look at Akiane Kramarik, painting incredible paintings since the age of 4. I remember seeing her on Oprah many years ago and was in awe of her mastery at such a young age. She had an all-knowing about what she was painting as well as who she was in the grand picture of life. I recognize now that she has been perfecting this skill for many lifetimes.

Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel

I believe that our soul knowledge and growth not only comes from our lives on earth but from other planets within the cosmos, thus adding to a greater authentic imprint.

Throughout our many lifetimes, you will carry with you trauma, fears, baggage, soul contracts, vows, karmic impressions, memories, likes and dislikes, experiences and imprints. Is there something in your life that hinders you from moving forward in this lifetime?? This hindrance if it confuses you to where it came from can be recalled through what is called a Past Life Regression.

I have gone through a couple of past life regressions to gain a better understanding of myself and my fears. The first one that I ever did was surrounding the idea of Money. My whole life I have had a fear of money. Either not enough or when I do have it, fear of losing it. I also have a hard time charging people money for my services. My being just wants to give everyone free love! (But Earth, unfortunately, doesn’t work that way, as we need money to survive) I was able to journey back into 4 different lifetimes spanning from 1439 to 1908. Through each of those 4 separate years, I was able to see what life was like for me with very little money and 6 children, to living off an inheritance, to owning a bank, to being a clothing designer but living as an alcoholic. Through each life, I was able to see what money did to me or what my family life was like with and without it. Each life was completely different than the other. After the Past Life Regression, I had a better understanding of money and I have now accepted that in this life I want to help people and my anxiety and stress around money has now become a path that I am more willing to look at from a different point of view through love and acceptance of self. As I grow the money will flow. Day by day that fear is falling from me.

As a reflection of my experience I want to encourage you to dig a little deeper and look at yourself from a different perspective. Because you are an accumulation of every lifetime, what you experienced in your last lifetime does not have to hinder you in this one. You and only you have the ability to reflect and accept and also forgive yourself. It is so enlightening when you tap into that piece of you that feels trapped and are able to unleash it. A huge weight will have been lifted and your life will have a new outlook and a fresh face.

The Source– Where did your soul originate? I believe that the essence of who we truly are came directly from Source. You are light, divinely created as a reflection of Source. You are the energy flow of peace and love. You are all Light. You are all Love. Each one of you is connected to everyone and everything around you. Your energy flows and meshes with everything else in the Universe. What you think, expands as you are energy, your words are energy, the tone of your voice, the thoughts within you are all energy. We all know someone that when we look at them it is if they are a beam of light. The saying  “She/He lights up the room”,  is so true!! They really do! Their energy sets the highest vibration from which others can rise to that level as well. That is Source, the Holy Spirit shining through creating Love and Light for everyone else. Look into the eyes of the most beautiful soul you know. Their eyes beam out that light and you may even feel as though you are in a trance. You cannot help but feel happiness from the inside out. Your whole mood changes! That is source beaming through. Source is the sunshine on your bodies on a sunshine filled day.

Source is the meshing of The Human Self and The Soul flowing together in perfect harmony. Allow Source to guide you. Feel its Love and Light embody you.

Some Crystals that I love working with that work great for past life recall and past life regressions are: Apophyllite, Labradorite, Moldavite, Merlinite and Obsidian. There are many others but I have personlly used these ones.

Your Awakening

Many of you over the past years have been experiencing what is called an Awakening. Prior to this awakening, you will remember a great trauma that entered your life. If you really look at your life as a chronological timeline you will be able to see the traumas in your life and the uprising of your soul soon after.

Why does this happen?

In order for an awakening to happen a downward spiral, a traumatic event or a rock bottom must happen. These are events in your life that just plain hurt. Your soul is in pain and you cry to the universe to just make the pain go away. You ask why is this happening to me, whereas in reality, it is happening FOR you. Regardless, it is heartbreaking. But what happens in a heartbreak?

A repair.

Your heart becomes so cracked open that the soul then figures out ways to “fix” it and when this happens a new self appears, your Soul steps forward and Source enters with its Love and Light. You become so weak during trauma and hitting rock bottom that you allow ego to let go and the divine within starts mending your Soul.

You are now awake.

The awakening can last for a couple of years and then level off. …..Until the next awakening. But as you know you are never the same person that you were before the trauma or the Awakening. Through each awakening that you endure you will rise up through each level of spirituality, up through the dimensions. So accept these rock bottoms, accept these traumas. It is how you learn and it is how you become a better version of yourself.

I invite you to get out some pen and paper and make a chronological list of the trauma that you have experienced that cracked your heart wide open. Describe the trauma or rock bottom and what did you feel on a Human Self level, a Soul level and in what ways did you feel Source? Maybe you are experiencing this heartbreak now? In what ways are you surrendering to Source in order to get through the heartbreak?

What is your Intuition telling you and trying to teach you?

I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below. xox