You have time.

Maybe you are placing pressure on yourself to blossom or maybe you are feeling this pressure from others.

Regardless of which way the pressure is building, just stop.

There is a difference between preparing yourself, getting things in order, and making a plan as opposed to sitting there and doing nothing to prepare for your own future.

If you are planning, if you are setting goals, if you are visualizing your future and making a consistent effort to gain momentum then stop listening to that part of yourself that says you HAVE to start now. Stop listening to those that judge you telling you that you need to do “something” now.

Those pressures from others are judgments. And judgments have no place in your life. It creates anxiety and depression.

How are you supposed to do that “Something” if you have no clue what it is or if you are not yet prepared?

Keep moving forward one day at a time.

There is a time to harvest in each of your lives and this happens at different times for each one of you. Only you know when this will be.

Side note: Stop judging others and comparing others to yourself just because they are on a different journey than you. Everyone is here learning a completely different lesson, and with that comes different stepping stones 💗🙏💗

Thank you @kerrykhanart for this incredible visual and reminder. I needed this today and I know many others did as well 💗  Please follow Kerry for more beautiful art and poetry.

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