Your Ego is Hurting Others

Do you ever argue with others about everything just to prove you are right or maybe in your eyes, the more knowledgeable one?
This is your ego believing you are in competition with those around you.
This is fear-based thinking and a “you versus them” mentality.
Your ego will take everything personally and will believe it is under attack when someone questions what you say or takes you out of your comfort zone. You hurry to gain that control back
….And this is where you stay stuck thinking and constantly feeling that you are what you think you are, that your thoughts determine how you live your life. This is your mental body making decisions for you. This is where you stay stuck in your past.
To feel more peace within, you can still feel this ego mentality working but instead of acting upon the need to be right, you can instead sit back, watch, and observe.
Allowing your higher self and Lightbody to take over and create a space of peace where you do not feel under attack. Where you do not have to prove you are right.
This is something that takes practice, strength, and courage and at first, it feels uncomfortable.
I mean how could you possibly go from being right or needing to be right and allow others to take that justice from you? 😉
A great way to move forward into peace is asking yourself, in the bigger picture of life does it really actually matter if you are right?
How many people have you hurt just to be “right”?
Seek peace in all you do and you will create a life so much more aligned with who you truly are 💗🙏💗