Your Intuitive Senses

You are Intuitive.

You truly are.

You are a divine being living in a human body. It is through your physical senses that you receive your intuition. Depending on how grounded you are in your human form you may or may not think that you feel your intuition coming through to you. You are the only one that can change that. As you begin to learn ways in which to ground yourself (which will add to your overall clarity), you will start to be able to tap into your intuition even more.

I have heard many people say “I don’t have any intuition”.

You do.

And in actuality, you have many ways of tapping into your intuition through many of your senses. The more that you work with these senses you will become more and more in tune with your soul and your intuition.


Clairvoyance: This means Clear Seeing. This is one of the most common senses of accessing intuition but it is also the one that is the most misunderstood.  Within your mind’s eye, you are able to access information through visions, pictures, images, colors, and symbols. Some people think that in order to access this sense you must physically see a person or the vision right in front of you in the flesh and some people can! But for most seeing a vision in your mind’s eye is how you will access this. A great way to “feel” what I mean by “Minds’eye” is to close your eyes and now picture a red book, now change that book to a blue book, now change that blue book to one with green stripes, then yellow polka dots. This is your mind’s eye. It’s as easy as that. This is how you are able to see visions.

Ways that Clairvoyance comes through to you:

  1. Seeing colors around other people or other living things called auras.
  2. You see images flash before you but have no idea what it was and you question whether or not you actually saw it.
  3. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a flash of light, or movement (but when you look towards the movement nothing is there)
  4. You have vivid dreams that seem SO REAL and you remember them very vividly even without writing them down.
  5. Seeing actual people who have past right in front of you clear as day or within your mind’s eye.
  6. Seeing symbols that represent certain aspects of your life that you place a meaning too to figure out that message. (For example, you could be shown a symbol of baby booties and a crib, this could possibly mean that a baby is coming. Or you could see a computer, pen, and paper and this could mean going to school or taking a new course. Over time as you work with your guides you will make more sense of these symbols that they are providing you with.)

No two clairvoyants are the same and so the way in which you “see” things will be specific to you. Do not compare yourself to someone else with the same abilities.

Are you Clairvoyant?

If you are clairvoyant you might use language like “I really see what you mean” or “I can really see that vision”. You might learn better by seeing things visually in a book, or a chart or a subtitled documentary instead of being taught verbally. You find it very easy to see ideas and visualizing things such as daydreams within your mind’s eye. You can be very observant. Like my daughter, if you move anything even an inch, she notices! If you are clairvoyant or have aspects of it you will probably resonate with this description.

Turn up your Clairvoyance

One of the easiest ways to start seeing more is to ask your guides for assistance and ask them to turn on your eyes so that you may see more clearly. You can also set the intention that you are able to see more clearly.


Clairaudience: This means Clear Hearing. If you have Clairaudience you have the ability to hear your higher-self, guides, angels, ancestors through physical hearing or through your inner ear hearing. This could be through many forms such as voice, music, words, and sounds. It can be heard in reality or in your inner ear and will sound like what it does when you are thinking to yourself and when you are speaking to yourself. It is soft and subtle. For example, when I am doing Reiki and someone who has past comes through I will get a clairvoyant image in my mind’s eye and if they choose to speak I will hear them not in their voice but in my own. It is to the point and sometimes they will just use word symbols or sentences that I will then pass this on to the one getting Reiki. I do not know what it means but the receiver of the message always does. (once you develop this gift you will be able to differentiate between your voice and the voice of spirit/guide)

Some people with this ability are super sensitive to sound and may actually need to spend a lot of time alone or in the quiet, because sound can be too much for them. Their ears pick up everything which can be stressful at times especially when you just want to turn it off.

I still remember the first time that I heard music but nothing was playing in the room, it was at night and everyone was sleeping. It was the sound of a harp. I was laying in bed and I shot up when I began to hear it. At first, I was very confused and then it got louder and louder. I actually had to ask them to turn it down. I could not handle it. After that every now and again I would hear music, usually classical or harp and once I even heard country. I told them to turn that right down and off please! haha! I actually love when this happens as it is soothing and very positive. Its is not scary at all.

Are you Clairaudient?

If you are clairaudient you might spend a lot of time in your headspace thinking a lot. You may hear high pitched sounds in your ears or a ringing in your ears. You learn best through listening rather than reading. You are sensitive to noise and too much noise makes you irritated or drains your energy. You may enjoy meditating and receiving messages through these meditations. You may love writing and channeling your guides messages through into your divine work and writing. You may hear your guides when they tell you not to go to that certain party or drive a certain route, or to “stop” before you get into an accident. When I was in a car accident during a nasty snow storm, I knew we were going to crash into this truck before we crashed and I heard my guides say “Hold on tight you are going to crash” I watched it all in slow motion and was so calm afterward.  If they had not warned me then I would have been in a different state of mind after and maybe even hurt.

For me, my favorite way to hear the whispers of my soul, as well as my guides, is when I am walking in nature. I ask questions and I hear more clearly. I feel a sense of clarity after every walk knowing that I heard what I needed to hear.

If you are clairaudient or have aspects of it you will probably resonate with this description.

Turn up your Clairaudience

One of the easiest ways to start hearing more is to ask your guides for assistance and ask them to turn up the volume! You can also set the intention that you want to increase your psychic hearing abilities.


Claircognizance: This means Clear Knowing. Having Claircognizance means that you have an inner knowing. You just KNOW things without reason or logic. You know if something is going to happen or it is not going to happen. You know the outcome and you know the answers to questions based on this ability. This is a very hard sense to trust and understand because when you are just starting to learn that you have this ability you may start second-guessing whether or not you are making things up in your head or if this is an actual clear idea and clear knowing thought. This is where that soul whisper that I spoke about in You are a Soul Living a Human Experience comes into play. Learning how you are able to differentiate between the logical knowing and the intuitive knowing will be key in learning more about this ability within yourself.

This inner knowing will steer you clear of situations, or allow you to make better decisions based on this “all-knowing”. For example, my son was trying to look for an apartment for himself, he would call me and update me on what he looked at. One of the ones he spoke about shot clearly into my mind, or my knowledge and I told him to stay clear of that one. I received a sick feeling within me. I knew that he was not to take that apartment, and he didn’t. He kept looking.

Claircognizance is only obvious to you. For example, you and your spouse could be at a party and you know without a doubt that the person that your spouse is talking to is bad news. You know this from your inner knowing but your spouse doesn’t see it, he’s having a great time talking that guys ear off. Your tugging at his pants to leave and he ‘s giving you a weird look as if saying “what’s going on”. You have this 100% knowing that this person is not someone you want to be associating with.

Or your friend just told you that their mother is going to the hospital to get her mole checked out for cancer, but you have this “knowing” that everything is going to be completely fine.

It’s hard to explain this “knowing” but to you it is indisputable. You just know it and you cannot explain why or how.

Are you Claircognizant?

If you are claircognizant you always know when someone is lying, not telling you the whole truth or not being sincere with what they are telling you. You have no proof of the lies and deceit but you just know they are lying. No one can pull a fast one on you. You might get messages or warnings from out of the blue. You feel the need to all the sudden reach out to someone and come to find out that they are not doing well. A year ago I had a dream that my friend came downstairs from a house that I was in. She did not look well and I could tell that she really wanted to talk to me. I tried calling her the next morning. When I got no answer I messaged her. Her spouse messaged me back saying that she was in the hospital and not doing well.

If you are claircognizant or have aspects of it you will probably resonate with this description.

Turn up your Claircognizance

One of the easiest ways to start “knowing” more is to simply ask your guides to help you with your inner knowing. Ask them to turn it up a notch and provide a clear knowing feeling within you. As I have stated before one of the best ways to start developing ANY of your psychic abilities is to first acknowledge that they actually exist! Everyone has them! The more that you trust in them the more you will start to develop and master these gifts.

Meditate daily! This is a great way to start trusting what messages are being given to you.


Clairsentience: This means Clear Feeling. Having Clairsentience means that you are able to pick up on messages through feeling, emotions, sensing or energy. This is a very common one for Empaths (feeling the emotions of others) You might get home from work and feel right away that your children were just in a fight, or you might run into a friend at the beach and feel instantly that there is something wrong, or you might walk by a stranger and feel joyful energy or sad energy.

Are you Clairsentient?

If you are Clairsentient you are able to:

  1. Feel the emotions and feelings of others around you. If someone is angry then you too feel angry, (then you will most likely leave the room because you cannot handle the energy!!)
  2. You feel different waves of emotions but have no idea why your mood has changed all the sudden.
  3. You avoid the news, reading the newspaper, watching news-related videos on facebook as you do not want to hear about the pain in the world. When you see pain, you yourself feel the pain as well.
  4. You have GREAT instincts about people!!
  5. You find it very difficult to go out into public places especially where there is a lot of people. You pick up on everyone’s feelings which causes you to want to RUN and hide.
  6. You feel spirits. You feel their energy, their presence.
  7. You feel super stressed when your house, your office, your purse is super messy! You can feel the mess!
  8. You can feel the energy in every place you walk into.
  9. You are able to tell a lot about someone just from looking at them and feeling their energy. the same with a picture. You are able to pick up on feelings about that person just from a photo.

So with all those abilities comes confusion.

I myself am a Clairsentient and feeling everyone’s feelings all the time becomes very overwhelming for me. I am constantly having to ask myself if these are my feelings I am feeling or that of someone else. Anxiety is probably my most confusing one because I sometimes get anxiety myself.

It is one of the most prominent feelings that I know for sure I am picking up on because when someone else is anxious I get those anxious feelings in my gut. Once I know that the anxiety is not my own then I usually address it by clearly asking if the person that I am with is feeling anxious. that then opens the doors to an open conversation around the anxiety.

Feeling the emotions and feelings of everyone around you gets very draining. Most people with this ability spend a lot of time alone so that they are able to get grounded, regroup and reenergize. I don’t know how many parties, outings or dinner dates I have had to cancel or reschedule due to this!

Clairsentient Tips: Turn it Up or Turn it Down

  1. A great way to figure out who the emotions or feeling that you are feeling belongs to is too simply ask “Who does this feeling belong too” You will be directed to who it belongs too.
  2. Shield yourself with Pink light. I always picture myself being covered with a very large glass dome of pink light, protecting me from all energy. You can also ask that others be draped in pink light energy as well!
  3. Turn off the news. All you are going to do is feel the pain, cause really the News doesn’t really show a lot of positive stuff, does it?
  4. Avoid energy Vampires, they will suck your energy dry! They talk all the time about their problems and sadness but they never take your advice. They don’t want your help they just want to unload their stuff onto you. Their drama is their safety net. Even though you will always want to help them it is best to walk away, send them love and light and save your own energy for those that actually want your help and for those that want to help themselves.
  5. Wear Obsidian! Since the beginning of Lemurian Times, we have been using Obsidian for Protection. (Obsidian: Molten lava. A stone with no limitations or boundaries, as a result,  it works extremely fast and with great power. It is truth enhancing, exposes flaws, weaknesses, and blockages. Nothing can be hidden from Obsidian. It takes awhile for the nervous system to adjust to this powerful stone so take your time with it. Provides deep soul healing. Strongly protective and we as humans have been using this stone since Lemurian times. It forms a shield against negativity, absorbs negative energy from the environment and strengthens in times of need. It blocks a psychic attack and removes negative spiritual influences. Mentally it brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion and constricting beliefs. Psychologically it helps you to know who you truly are. It brings you face to face with your shadow side and teaches you how to integrate it.)
  6. Sage yourself and your home regularly!


After reading each of these four abilities which one do you most resonate with? Which one do you feel is your Primary Intuitive sense? What do you think is your second intuitive sense?

I would love to hear your responses in the comment section below.