Your Why

 Today I want to talk to you about your “WHY” and why it is so important to understand this and to always keep referring back to it.

Did you know that every time you push against your comfort zone, and every time you push into new territory there is a part in the brain that releases chemicals?

Your body interprets these chemicals as fear, apprehension, and uncertainty.

Now just imagine; with a little bit of doubt, and a little bit of uncertainty, you can understand why you get stuck in your everyday comfort zone. The illusion of this “fear” keeps you there.

I want you to know that this feeling is completely normal as you continue to go back and forth from your comfort zone and your uncomfortable zone.

Your success lies on the other side of this fear. So you will need to feel this fear and do it anyways!

So how are you going to “break through this fear”?

You are going to have to start with the end in mind.

What is your end result? How are you going to get there? What does your mindset look like? Who is with you, who surrounds you? What are you focusing on, on a day-to-day basis? What does this picture look like to you?

In order to start with the end in mind, we must first know our WHY! Lead with your why, because our WHY, is WHAT WE DO! Within business we are selling what we DO and what we do is our WHY. Make sense?

Let me go a little deeper.

Within your business, you know HOW to do your business. You also know WHAT your business is, correct? But the question that lies in front of you is “Do you know why you are doing it?”

Your answer to this cannot be money. Nor can it be about materialistic items. It must be a burning desire deep within your soul that will get you up each and every morning fired up and ready to go! This desire is what will keep you going when you are tired and frustrated.

Therefore within your business, you must sell from the inside out. Sell from your deepest desires.

I have a question for you. You just meet someone in the grocery store line, you start chatting and you ask them the question of what it is they do? What to you would be more inspiring to hear from them?


  1. I help people to learn online marketing and get rich. Do you want to join me?




  1. “I believe that everyone deserves to feel happy, stress-free and living the life that they have thus far only dreamed of.”


Passion catches people’s attention, pitching does not. So give yourself permission to lead with your “why” from the inside out. Allow your heart to fuel others, souls! You will find that when you do so, it will be less of a struggle and you will have more people being intrigued by your business.

Now to have this WHY in place is one thing but you must have an unshakable belief within your soul, within people, within your vision, and within your business. This is a must!

You must start by taking judgment out of your mind. Judgments have no place in your life or your business!

People are going to come in and out of your life daily and many of them will hold judgments and negativity. You already know that you have no time for that and this is where your unshakable belief sets in. This will be your wall that will guard you against this negative intruder and energy source.

Some of you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed right now and I am here to tell you that, that is OK! You need to first believe in yourself and believe that YOU CAN DO THIS! You can push the negativity aside in your life and push right through it. In order to grow and expand as humans, we must learn to be the person that we were born to be and not the ones that we were taught to be. Throughout life, you were taught and told so many different things and some you latched onto believing it was what you needed to get through life. I am here to tell you that now is your time to shine and be that person that YOU WANT TO BECOME!

Your dream and your why is what is going to change things within this world that we live in! When you have a clear and very concise why you will be a magnet for others and your dream will become their dreams. You owe it to others to be that dreamer and raise others up!

You need to know and believe that your life has a greater purpose then what you are living right now! You were meant for leadership and greatness. If you truly know this and believe this you will most certainly inspire others and you WILL change the world!!!

Much Love,

The Universe